I’m in good hands with the USCG

Wanted to write about a situation that occurred on Friday 9/12/14 at the Janes’ Island camp grounds,Crispin, MD. that involved the US Coast Guard.
I was out kayaking with my group. It was dusk and they separated from me. I knew I could never catch up to them so i decided to go back. It was growing dark but I wasn’t concerned because the boat launch was less than 3 miles away. It never occurred to me that there would be no lights to guide me and before I knew it, it was so dark I could barely see. Despite the little flashlight I had, I nearly slammed into a pier but swerved out of the way at the last minute. Then I overshot the launch (that had no lights) and kept paddling and paddling.
I figured I had misjudged the distance of the launch so I continued up the waterway. Hours went by and I started to panic, then I spotted a bonfire and heard men talking. I yelled as loud as I could but I was too far away for them to hear. Then I remembered my whistle that my friend had given me for emergencies like this.

I blew on the whistle as hard as I could and I caught their attention. All talk and music suddenly stopped and then someone shined a large light at my direction. I waved. I heard shouts and yelling then I saw a group of young men run to the dock. They climbed down a large plastic ski boat ramp, tossed me a rope and hauled my kayak in. They were very upset that I was out on the bay by myself and kept asking me over and over again if I was OK. I was never in any danger but I know things can go wrong very quickly when you are on open water, and I appreciated their concern and kindness.

It was a great feeling to know I was in good hands. The men apparently were enjoying a get together for a few days- US Coast Guard reservists and retired when I just happened to come paddling by- LOL! They sprang to action without hestiation. What a great bunch of guys.

Not one to forget a kindness, I showed my appreciation the next day. I brought over 2 dozen deviled eggs- one of my specialities. My rescuers said, “Ah, Miss, you didn’t have to do that!” Then proceeded to help themselves. They pronounced the deviled eggs delicious and ate them right up. LOL.

I hate Whitey but I cant stay away from them.

This a short rebuttal to Yasmin Alibha Brown. She hates white men and wishes they were a lost species. Here’s another face of an enemy that is no longer afraid to say what it wants because it knows we’ll take it- so broken are we, we can’t defend our own honor. This latest slap in the face by a Muslim is nothing new. Muslims hate us. Whye don’t we get that? Subcontinent Muslims have always hated whites (Europeans-Christians) and say it loud & clear. In today’s Politically correct world, They feel emboldened to speak all the hate they want but don’t you dare open your mouth or you will be pounced on. This hatred is the result of jealousy- no two ways about it. That jealousy has seethed in them for generations and now it has boiled over into a rage. Of course, they would never admit they are jealous so they spin that jealous into victimhood- they are a people who have been wronged. And they are right they have been wronged, but by whom? Here’s the thing that they don’t want Whites to know-the subcontinent was wronged 1400 years ago and never got past that wrong. It never rose up to be anything. Its claim to fame is poverty, strife and an enormous illiterate population.
Whatever Christians did, it can never compare to what evil Islam did. All of humanity has its evil, ugly side and Europeans are no better. However, not all people are brilliant and brilliance is owned by white Europeans(and Americans). Not so with Islam which is an abysmal failure and has always been. They glorify a past that never existed and believe it with such conviction that they actually convince themselves and ignorant Westerners that it was a reality. It wasn’t. There was never scholarship in the Caliphate except for a brief period in the 10th century that basically went nowhere. They stole science/math/philosophy from the Greeks, Romans and Persians. Never did they invent anything on their own. Their wealth was actually the wealth they STOLE from Christians, that theft continues on today.
Christian Europe’s history outshines all of humanity. Despite the horrors of Islamic pirating/slaving and Viking looting/murdering, it rose up on its own accord and has been the dominant force in the world for the past 500 years. This fact drives Muslims batty. Ever educated prosperous white they encounter is a reminder of their failings and inferiority. They can’t take that and thats the reason for all the ” I hate Whitey” rhetoric.
As far as brown skinned people like Yasmin go, I state this. If you don’t like whites then stay away from them.

A bright light extinguished

Addiction is a biological mental affliction that so many struggle with. It affects people of all races, all walks of life; rich & poor, obscure & famous, young & old. Battling addiction is a life long struggle that tears apart individuals and their families. It sears the souls of those afflicted, turning them into something that they were not born to be. And, When that addiction takes complete control, the addict begins his/her descent in a dark hell of depression & despair from which many never emerge.

Yesterday, another bright light was extinguished- Robin Williams lost his struggle against his demons. He was a great entertainer who made us all laugh in a number of movies-“Mrs. Doubtfire” was one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, it takes a great actor’s death to make us take stock in our own existence. Life is precious, but it is difficult, too. Divorce, death, financial difficulties, unrequited love, or organic imbalances can cause debilitating depression & anxiety. Sadly, some find solace in drink or drugs. Others- unawares that they are predisposed to addiction- use alcohol or drugs socially, peer pressure or for fun. Addiction is stealthy and before long, the user is addicted and doesn’t even realize it until the addiction is full blown and he/she has lost everything- spouses, children, jobs, friends and property.

It takes great discipline and courage to win the battle against addiction. Some do make it but more don’t. Humanity is imperfect. We are subject to numerous struggles so the greatest thing we can do is to care. Caring comes in many forms such as teaching our children about the dangers of drugs/alcohol, learning about psychological diseases and how to address them, & to be compassionate yet resolute when reaching out to those suffering from depression or anxiety before they turn to something that can destroy their lives.

RIP, Mr. Williams.
Thank You for sharing your great talents with all of us.