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A bright light extinguished

Addiction is a biological mental affliction that so many struggle with. It affects people of all races, all walks of life; rich & poor, obscure & famous, young & old. Battling addiction is a life long struggle that tears apart individuals and their families. It sears the souls of those afflicted, turning them into something that they were not born to be. And, When that addiction takes complete control, the addict begins his/her descent in a dark hell of depression & despair from which many never emerge.

Yesterday, another bright light was extinguished- Robin Williams lost his struggle against his demons. He was a great entertainer who made us all laugh in a number of movies-“Mrs. Doubtfire” was one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, it takes a great actor’s death to make us take stock in our own existence. Life is precious, but it is difficult, too. Divorce, death, financial difficulties, unrequited love, or organic imbalances can cause debilitating depression & anxiety. Sadly, some find solace in drink or drugs. Others- unawares that they are predisposed to addiction- use alcohol or drugs socially, peer pressure or for fun. Addiction is stealthy and before long, the user is addicted and doesn’t even realize it until the addiction is full blown and he/she has lost everything- spouses, children, jobs, friends and property.

It takes great discipline and courage to win the battle against addiction. Some do make it but more don’t. Humanity is imperfect. We are subject to numerous struggles so the greatest thing we can do is to care. Caring comes in many forms such as teaching our children about the dangers of drugs/alcohol, learning about psychological diseases and how to address them, & to be compassionate yet resolute when reaching out to those suffering from depression or anxiety before they turn to something that can destroy their lives.

RIP, Mr. Williams.
Thank You for sharing your great talents with all of us.