I’m in good hands with the USCG

Wanted to write about a situation that occurred on Friday 9/12/14 at the Janes’ Island camp grounds,Crispin, MD. that involved the US Coast Guard.
I was out kayaking with my group. It was dusk and they separated from me. I knew I could never catch up to them so i decided to go back. It was growing dark but I wasn’t concerned because the boat launch was less than 3 miles away. It never occurred to me that there would be no lights to guide me and before I knew it, it was so dark I could barely see. Despite the little flashlight I had, I nearly slammed into a pier but swerved out of the way at the last minute. Then I overshot the launch (that had no lights) and kept paddling and paddling.
I figured I had misjudged the distance of the launch so I continued up the waterway. Hours went by and I started to panic, then I spotted a bonfire and heard men talking. I yelled as loud as I could but I was too far away for them to hear. Then I remembered my whistle that my friend had given me for emergencies like this.

I blew on the whistle as hard as I could and I caught their attention. All talk and music suddenly stopped and then someone shined a large light at my direction. I waved. I heard shouts and yelling then I saw a group of young men run to the dock. They climbed down a large plastic ski boat ramp, tossed me a rope and hauled my kayak in. They were very upset that I was out on the bay by myself and kept asking me over and over again if I was OK. I was never in any danger but I know things can go wrong very quickly when you are on open water, and I appreciated their concern and kindness.

It was a great feeling to know I was in good hands. The men apparently were enjoying a get together for a few days- US Coast Guard reservists and retired when I just happened to come paddling by- LOL! They sprang to action without hestiation. What a great bunch of guys.

Not one to forget a kindness, I showed my appreciation the next day. I brought over 2 dozen deviled eggs- one of my specialities. My rescuers said, “Ah, Miss, you didn’t have to do that!” Then proceeded to help themselves. They pronounced the deviled eggs delicious and ate them right up. LOL.

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