I have a problem with the Catholic Church.

I was baptized Catholic and will remain Catholic till my dying day- as a believer in my faith however I’m not so sure about the church itself tho’. The wishy washy attitude that the church exhibits to a faith that declared war on it over 1400 years is nauseating. What faith am I talking about? Islam, of course. Seems the Catholic church and many of its followers want so badly to be loved by the Muslims that they are willing to sacrifice everything they claim to hold dear.
Throughout history, Muslims especially the Turks have battered, massacred and enslaved Christians without so much as peep from the great powers of Western Europe. Entire Christian communities were wiped out after unspeakable acts were committed against them. Cathedrals, Relics, Libraries were laid to waste, property and businesses taken, with so many forced to convert. The interaction between the two faiths has been nothing but catastrophic for Christendom. The church knows this. How could it not? Yet, they revel at Innner faith meetings like they are experienceing the rapture. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Muslim participation is nothing but a farce – all part of their plan of conquest. Christianity is very weak and they know it. But its not weak enough to be taken out by the sword like it was in the East. Muslims in America may hide their contempt but not for long. In reality they hate you, my dear Catholics. They hate you more than ever because you’re spineless and weak and Muslims hate the spineless and weak. Groveling at their feet, and calling it solidarity is not only laughable but practically treasonous as the Church is merely softening up Western Christendom for the slaughter that is going to come.
Priests, Bishops and even the Pope have embraced Muslims like long lost brothers. Is this being done out of guilt or just plain stupid ignorance? I don’t know but its a very dangerous precedence because Muslims are not our brothers. Being brothers would mean that Christianity and Islam are equal. Muslims would never accept Christians as they equal. Only a Muslim is equal to a Muslim. A Christian is considered to be only worth half of a Muslim. Since Muslims are the only ones who are wholly human then Christians are sub humans; beings to be murdered, raped and enslaved without any remorse or regrets. (Those who don’t embrace Islam or pay the Jizah are to be slaughtered)
Church leaders say that Islam has much in common with Christianity, that Muslims are to be welcomed because they are children of God, too. That’s bullshit. The God of Islam and the God of Chrisitnaiity are two very different Gods. Our God is the God of love who created humanity in his own image. There is no such God in Islam as Allah js a being in and of itself. It does not love. It does not share its divinity with humanity.
Christians have a divine soul and can have a personal relationship with God- not so with Muslims. To say that a Muslim can have a personal relationship with Allah would be blasphemy. Because Muslims have no control over their lives, they must submit to the will of Allah who tells them how to think, behave, pray even eat. In Christianity, its the opposite. Christians have free will. They have the right to choose. They have reason and intellect which gives them dominion over the earth and its creatures. They have control over their own destiny. In Christianity, Slavery is wrong and women are not subjected to the abuses of polygamy or forced to stand in the back of their houses of worship. Not so in Islam, where a Muslim can take whatever his right hand possesses including men, women & children. (non Muslims, of course.) Woman are a degree below a man and most bow to their husbands when not bowing to Allah and must sit in the back of their mosques for their own protection. I could go on and on about our differences. The point is the Catholic church is cutting its own throat. If they continue with “we are one” with Islam, and persists in pushing diversity, it faces extinction. Equality and oneness are nonsense. Not such exists or ever existed, its only leftist propaganda that will have terrible consequences for Western civilization.
Islam grows more powerful daily. If Christians don’t get their act together then the Church in the Americas and Europe will disappear just as it has in the East where only micro communities exist in constant fear. The success of Islam has been astounding since its inception- not because of its barbarity, and its powerful armies, not because of its arrogance and haughtiness, not because of its unapologetic or unchanging, but because of the spineless collaborators, sympathizers, traitors and Dhimmi attitude of Christianity.

F*** is fine just don’t say Fat! The Left’s war on our words.

A few nights ago, I watched an episode from True Blood. In scene after scene, filthy words were uttered like they were terms of endearment. I told my husband this kind of language was unheard of when I was growing up and I grew up in a very rough neighborhood. Then it occurred to me that this denigration of our language is deliberate. Its been so flagrant most of us barely notice – the transformation of the way we communicate through media especially entertainment. Actors and singers use foul language so it must be OK or at least thats what we think. What we don’t realize is there’s a war going on and its not the much touted war against women or children or terror, Its a war against words, and its aimed at every person in America. The rules for engagement were set quite a few years ago but we’re just beginning to feel its effects on how we converse. You can’t call a fag a fag but you can call a woman bitch or c***. You can call a cracker a cracker but don’t call a Nig a Nig. Don’t say “Merry Christmas,” but “Happy Ramadan” is just fine. Its OK to chant Allah Akbar but forget the Pledge of Allegiance. You can say, F*** but don’t say fat. Don’t call a Muslim a muzzie but call a Christian “Kafir” and no one bats an eye. Ask all the questions you want about the Nazis, Native American genocide, African slavery but don’t ask about the Bolsheviks, the Holodomar, Ottoman Slavery, or the Armenian genocide. Talk all you want about woman’s rights but don’t say a word about baby in Utero rights. Certain things are better left unsaid or else. 
Welcome to the New America, a land where the Left owns us by controlling language and therefore our thoughts. They tell us what to say and not to say, what to question and not to question, what to accept and what to reject. What better way to bring a nation like the US down than by demagoguery and bullying? No need to get physical- just denigrate, ridicule and mock and the opposition evaporates like water in the summer heat. 
 Language is key to culture and identity. Alter the foundation language and you alter the culture. After a generation or two, the culture of your grandparents is forgotten. 
The Left is Anti whatever America once stood for. For a long time, they worked behind the scenes to undermine the power of this country by first attacking our core faith by forcing us to remove it from our daily language. Halt Christian prayer in schools, stop Christmas caroling, stop “Merry Christmas” and everyone submits without a fight. Thats how the Left alters thought processes. Take away prayer and stories, traditional sayings, and songs and soon they will be forgotten. The Left knows this and have taken great care to instill us through scholastic indoctrination, an ignorance of who we’re supposed to be by forcing us to forgo the language our forefathers took for granted. The potty mouth culture of today was unheard of in the past but that was because America had a solid traditional family structure that was supported by a  strict Christian base of strict Mores & ethics. The F word was so rare it actually had shock value. Now its so common its barely noticed. Notice the introduction of the “B”, & “C” words in TV episodes that our children have access to. Its being done deliberately to make trashing our culture seem like the cool thing to do. 
In less than a decade, our language has been downgraded so severely it has reduced our conversations to smut worlds, and with that our respectabiliity as a people; for its through words that we show others what kind of people we are. Read novels from the turn of the century and compare them to the novels of today. Compare the language of movies from the 40’s & 50’s to the movies of today- a divide so wide its hard to imagine they were made in the same country.  Go to Youtube and watch the likes of Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly. What strikes you first is their eloquence in language. That eloquence no longer exists and thats a great loss.
Smut words are acceptable  But don’t you dare use words the Left deems offensive. Don’t  speak against homosexual marriage, or amnesty. Talk about multiculturalism and diversity but forget American exceptionalism. Don’t open your mouth about the loss of America’s manufacturing; its all about going Green & environmental protection. Don’t complain about illegal aliens and protecting our borders; the Left doesn’t believe in borders. Don’t defend your right to own a weapon because you will be suspect. You see, the Left owns the media, education and the government. They’re everywhere- watching you. Better to speak as you are told or they will shut you down.
We didn’t realize it until it was almost too late- our language, our identity and culture were altered to a point its almost unrecognizable. We’ve been had for decades because we choose to believe that our leaders were the good guys watching over us like a “Big Brother.” Man, we sure got fooled. Maybe we’re not too forgone to save our language and culture but we’re cutting it awful close. Even if we turn about face now and face the demonic pressures that beset our country, it will take decades to unravel the ruin of our language. The best chance we have is to start is with what is uttered from our own mouths, to teach our children and grandchildren that our language is not to be shaped by an elite that looks upon us as animals to be broken and then trained to their specifications. Our language belongs to us. It can be restored to its former beauty if we work hard.